Atherton Solar Farm cuts into one of the two dual circuit 66kV overhead powerline (concrete pole construction) interconnecting the Atherton Zone substation and Turkinje Bulk Supply substation, which is approximately 10 kms from the Turkinje substation.

The Ergon Energy owned dual 66kV overhead powerline runs along the North-Eastern section of the proposed site for approximately 250 metres before deviating in a North-Western direction towards the township of Mareeba (location of Turkinje substation).

The 66kV overhead powerline will interconnect into a 66kV switching station, located on the site, and adjacent to the solar farm 66/22kV substation.

The 66kV switching station will be owned by Ergon Energy with the Network Connection Point being the 66kV circuit breaken delineating the 66kV switching station and the 66/22kV substation.

Both the 66kV switching station and 66/22kV substation will be a consolidated compact footprint comprising of switchgear, power transformers, synchronous condenser, capacitor bank, switch room and control rooms.

Electrical Single Line Diagrams (SLD's) and General Layout arrangements of the 66kV switching station and 66/22kV substation can be viewed HERE.