We are passionate about this project and we recognise the importance of ensuring the project success for the local community.

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This project will:

  • Bring another substantial renewable energy project to the region – producing no emissions from electricity generation and result in significantly lower environmental impact than other generation sources.
  • Create employment opportunities and delivers additional indirect economic opportunities to local businesses
  • Provide greater electricity grid reliability via local generation.

The site retains the option to be returned to agriculture in the future if that is desired.

Being a member of the community, or just interested in the project, we encourage you to share any thoughts, concerns or suggestions you may have, whether positive or negative, about the project, and they will be considered and addressed appropriately.

You can provide comments relating to the Atherton Solar Farm via the Project Email or Contact Us. Please provide accurate and complete contact information so that we can get in touch to further understand your comments. We commit to protect your privacy and only use your contact information for this purpose not to for any other reason, nor to pass it onto any other source.