Atherton Solar Farm is a 81MW(peak) project using DC polycrystalline panels mounted on fixed structures (not a tracking system).

The site is located approximately 10km from a major bulk supply substation (Turkinje SS) with dual 66kV overhead powerline routed along a section of the northen property boundary.

The PV solar structure will be approximately 2.5 metres above ground and inclined at 15 degrees in a northerly direction. This will minimise visibility and impact on surrounding areas as the panels are non-reflective (low glare) glass. The entire solar farm will be surrounded by a minimum 3 to 4 metre vegetation screen, which will enhance the existing vegetation, which will be retained.

Both the 66kV switching station and 66/22kV substation will be positioned at the northen end of the property adjacent to the existing dual 66kV overhead powerline.

The 66/22kV substation has provisions for incorporating a future Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) up to a capacity of 162MVA/610MWhr. Also, the +/-15MVAr synchronous condenser is comprised with the 66/22kV substation providing significant system strength to the Network connection.